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Our Sister Nonprofit Organization

AVER is an involved community of people working to increase awareness and inspire action towards regenerative practices and sustainable design in Monteverde, in Costa Rica and across the globe. We do this through education, workshops, internships and advocacy. Aver means“to see” in Spanish. “Seeing to” sustainable change is what our nonprofit is all about. Learn more about the permaculture community in Monteverde.


Land Stewardship

Since 2016, we have introduced land stewardship techniques and practices to thousands of local, national, and international visitors to build practical, global conscious of natural resource management and regenerative design. Today, we are a critical local resource that inspires regenerative land management across Costa Rica. Our goal: To become an internationally recognized resource for change.



Since our start, we have offered free education to the local community and discounted education to a broad audience of national and international learners. Our scholarships provide the opportunity for under-resourced individuals that want to advance in careers in

sustainable design and regenerative agriculture. The result: 42,000 introductions to sustainable design as of January 2022. And we are just getting started.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Our model, the regenerative farm, employs permaculture design practices that provide community members, students, and visitors, simple, affordable approaches they can replicate, modify and experiment with at home and in their neighborhood.  Our work is to engage and inspire to revolutionize small-scale, regenerative agriculture, to promote food security practices around the world. 

Help Fund Our Exciting New Virtual Library Project And Expand Our Impact!

Donate to Regenerate: Our Commitments

We are committed to evolving conscious land stewardship and advancing sustainable design systems to address challenges to community, food security, biodiversity, and the climate.


We are committed to leveraging the long-term impact of every donation made.

We are grateful to those who have joined our community through their support and trust. Together we can build resiliency, raise awareness and co-create a healthy world.

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