Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture Design

Principles at the heart of Hidden Valley Farm...

The goal of Hidden Valley Farm / Valle Escondido is to provide visitors with an experience of nature’s beauty alongside examples of regenerative agriculture and sustainable design.


Permaculture is a design system that provides a way to organize human needs for healthy living and a sustainable future.   The goal of permaculture is to regenerate natural environments and reduce consumption, to protect and enhance those systems of which life dependent on.

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The ethics of permaculture are:

Do good to the earth, do good to people, and give back to both.


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Check out our other educational pages on permaculture and what projects are happening at the farm.. and for those who are specially interested, take a look at our Permaculture Courses and Workshops...

Valle Escondido offers permaculture tours so you can learn about how to become more sustainable.. Click below to find out more!