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Valle Escondido offers an ongoing schedule of sustainable workshops, classes and courses, where expert teachers are brought in to provide information on a diverse range of sustainable practices, many of which can be implemented at home straight away or used to inspire local community projects.


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Have you seen our daily permaculture tour?

Daily 2pm - 4pm

Permaculture talk in classroom
Permaculture Project Tour - Compost
Permaculture Talk in Classroom
Permaculture Tour - Huglekultur beds
Rain Water Catchment
Permaculture Talk in Classroom
Permaculture Class
Permaculture Tour through Farm
Planting at the Farm
Teaching in the Classroom
Teaching on the Farm
Forestry Work
Permaculture Farm Tour
Forestry Work
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Fundamentally people enjoy experiencing the beauty of natural environments; in fact we are nature.  We believe that people, if given the opportunity, will protect natural environments and engage in regenerative practices to support life on earth. As a tourist destination, Valle Escondido inspires visitors to remember we are nature.

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