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· Skylights and windows are placed in guest rooms and common spaces to maximize the use of natural light

· Solar collectors on the buildings provide hot water for hotel rooms

· A solar air-drying facility is used for hotel linens and towels to reduce the use of gas or electric dryers

· Energy saving lighting is used, included low wattage bulbs, presence-detecting lights, and photovoltaic lamps​



· Landfill reduction - all waste is managed and recycled, we do the best we can to avoid any waste that will wind up in landfill·

Cleaning products used at Valle Escondido are 100 % biodegradable including soaps, detergents, & disinfectants. 

· We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides in any form, All food that is grown on the property is 100% organic 

· Valle Escondido grounds and plants are treated with organic bio ferments and organic fertilizers made on-site

· Nonrecyclable plastics are used to make eco-bricks that are used for construction projects

· Our paper waste and cardboard are used for composting and generating healthy soil

· Used kitchen oil and plastic containers are repurposed

· On-site we provide several different examples of composting techniques and the production of organic fertilizers



· Rainwater collection is used for our greenhouses and growing terraces and garden beds. 

· Grey Water management – wastewater from our restaurant, laundry, and hotel rooms is collected and filtered with added active probiotics through series of terraces. 

· Aquaculture- we grow our own tilapia on-site and use that water for fertilizing garden beds



· Reforestation - to date we've planted over 1700 endemic species of trees here in our preserve and many native fruiting trees to attract birds and animals. 

· We are a registered private nature reserve that protects 16 hectares (40 acres) of land.

· Hotel guests are offered to offset their travel carbon footprint by supporting reforestation efforts in Costa Rica​



· Supplies for the restaurant and hotel are sourced as local as possible  

· We are engaged in community programs and regular financial contributions or donate our time, farm produce, to support community initiatives 

· All staff are trained in Non-Violent Communication to help support a sustainable working environment and the community

·Our reserve trails are free for locals and our restaurant offers local discounts to the community

·Our classroom space and hotel areas are provided free of charge as a community meeting space and for community benefits 

·Sustainability workshops are free for the local community and discounted classes are offered

·We donate and install small greenhouses built from repurposed materials to local schools and offer sustainable workshops for children and school staff free of charge​


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