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Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC)October 2nd to 15th, 2023

Join our diverse team of permaculture instructors led by Valle Escondido & Porvenir design in this two-week experience.

Recognizing the need to create more accessible permaculture educational opportunities in Costa Rica, this course is aimed at Costa Ricans and people from Latin America. That's why it will be taught in Spanish.

We seek to increase the diversity of enrolled students, by making the course more economically accessible. Accommodation is included. Instructor fees are subsidized in part by their own work and AVER, Valle Escondido's nonprofit sister organization & Porvenir Design.

This course is only offered by submitting an application 


If you wish to receive more information about this course or the courses that we will give in the future, do not hesitate to send us your information.

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The course covers the curriculum of studies in Permaculture Design and emphasizes the creation of diverse multifunctional human landscapes based on ecological patterns. Using Valle Escondido: Hidden Valley Farm as a living classroom, the class will combine theory talks and practical work, exploring design solutions to the challenges facing our communities today.

The final project of the course is to create your own permaculture site design by creating work teams among students. This course is suitable for anyone who speaks Spanish that is interested in designing a resilient and regenerative future, as well as professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, ecology, education, agriculture, and community development. The whole systems design thinking described in the course will provide participants with the tools to redesign and improve their environment; from gardens, farms, and homes, to livelihoods, relationships, and communities.

The cost of the course is $380, with food, lodging and onsite daycare included, scholarships are available. Please request and application to apply for this course.

 Course with Porvenir Design Team & Valle Escondido


Roy is originally from Monteverde, a lover of nature and organic agriculture, passionate about orchids and bird watching. All his life he has been in constant training with instructors such as Jairo Restrepo, famous agronomist and international consultant in organic agriculture, and Allan Chavarría Chang, on topics such as new organic farming techniques and soil chromatography. He has an international diploma in organic agriculture, training in the preparation of different bio-inputs, as well as preparation in the diagnosis and planning of farms for the process of conversion to organic agriculture.

He was a forest ranger for 08 years, likewise, he worked for years with Eladio Cruz, an empirical naturalist who helped conduct dozens of investigations in the Monteverde Biological Reserve. He also worked with Willow Zuchowski, renowned botanist and naturalist, author of the Guide to Tropical Plants of Costa Rica.

He has been collaborating for 8 years as manager of organic and regenerative agriculture at Valle Escondido Nature Reserve Hotel & Farm, developing the production of different types of crops and as well as the bio-input laboratory, managing to bring the production of crops on the property to a amazing level.



Founder of Valle Escondido

Jonah is an ecological educator, nurse, and landscape designer. He has worked for years in community health education, as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, and in alternative medicine. He currently manages Valle Escondido in Monteverde Costa Rica. Introduced to the permaculture design method 12 years ago, he has studied with the Permaculture Institute and participated in different courses in Central and North America. Jonah guides Valle Escondido, as a tourist destination, to promote the conservation of natural environments and sustainable practices to support a regenerative future.

Valle Escondido offers classes and provides examples for visitors to better understand regenerative land use, organic agriculture, and permaculture. When Jonah is not playing in the garden with his two daughters or talking to visitors, he may find him surfing or exploring other places in Costa Rica.

Our team will include several local instructors from the Monteverde community.


The course is limited to 25 students.

Accepted applicants must deposit 50% of the course fee to reserve space. No later than September 1st, two weeks before the start of the course, the remaining 50% must be paid. Cancellations will be fully refunded if made before September 15th. After September 15th, refunds will depend on course occupancy.

The cost of the course is $380, with food, lodging and onsite daycare included, scholarships are available. Please request and application to apply for this course.

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